First Season

Omar Viazcán

There is power in well-told stories. It is not by chance that we enjoy a good TV series or that cinematographic universes are a thing now. Well-told stories have the power to transform us from within, and to give us purpose, meaning and relevance. This album tries to intertwine several songs as chapters within a TV series, which gives them context and a deeper meaning. We start with pure transformation and we continue with the motivation to find our destiny, the truthfulness of our faith, the illusion of committed romance, and we conclude with the power of eternal spiritual promise. I invite you to come to the First Season of my life, of yours, of everyone's lives. Our stories are worthwhile, and they are worthwhile because they are stories that make us relevant. Listen to the songs one by one, little by little; then, listen to them all together again, they will sound different. Don't even worry about the order of the songs; it is just a distraction. The real order will be given to you by the way this First Season intertwines with your life and drifts your attention closer to your destiny.